Call for Entries | NSEW Volume 3


It seems, when you’re young books have a different meaning The stories are often quite literal in nature, designed to teach us a lesson, and if they’re classic they’re remembered for life. With a little bit of age we start to assign our own meaning to the books we read and sometimes that meaning goes a little deeper than the message contained within. I’m not a mystic, but I can tell you with certainty than when my grandmother gifted me her copy of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance to me it felt like divine intervention. The experience was too much of the right place, right time, right book sort of thing for it to have just been coincidence. 

I’ve carried those yellowed pages with me across the country twice, and across the globe once. The spine on the book has finally broken with more spiderweb like cracks than you could count running the length of the book, and it’s pages have finally come undone from their binding. It has been read and reread and the messages within the book have been received, reinterpreted, and repeated to those around me. The book itself is an experience because of the stories I can tell about carrying it with me while living in my car after college when everything fell apart and the life I thought I wanted was turned upside down. 

Six years after carrying that book across country the Film Shooters Collective set out to make our first book, NSEW. The process was intensely satisfying and brought more pride than any other project I’ve been involved with in my lifetime. It was a truly collaborative experience that defined the collective, and so I am proud to announce that we’re making a third volume of NSEW. This year, participation is open to photographer working with film, so join us as we create a permanent addition to our bookshelves and embark on a collaborative experience.

If you'd like more information please see our Call for Entries Page.