Jesus Christ Shoe Tree | Cameron Kline

My voice took a high pitched tone of excitement, “shoe tree!” I blurted out and startled my wife from her sleeping state in the car. We’d been driving the U.S. 50 highway through Nevada which has been dubbed the loneliest highway in America and the perfect stretch of road to sleep through. “What!?” She responded in a confused nature. “There’s a shoe tree,” I said while making an illegal u-turn in the middle of the highway. Within a minute we were standing in front of what I believe was a large oak tree, now dead, and with shoes hanging from every limb. 

The sleep in my wife’s eyes did a good job of masking her excitement, but I could tell that deep down inside she was as stoked as I was. Understand, I am not a fan of shoe trees, but I am a fan of the open road and the kitsch it brings. Weirdness can be found on every backroad in America, and probably none more so than in California. So when I saw Jesus Christ shoe tree I had to stop, if for nothing else than to get a closer look, feed my curiosity, and take a photo. 

We’ve got a lot of exciting writing coming up, but this week I’m sharing more photos rather than words with some outtakes and images from last week’s Minolta SRT review. I had a great time reconnecting with such a solid camera and am looking forward to using it on a more full-time basis in the upcoming months, but until then I leave you with these photos, all shot with the Minolta SRT101 and Minolta SRT Super