Curated Photostream Instructions

Participating in the curated photostream is easy and open to everyone. To submit your work for consideration, please read and abide by the following.


The dates given below are the date that the Photostream is scheduled to publish. Submissions close two days prior to publication. 

Image Formatting

All images submitted to the curated photostream should follow these guidelines. If these guidelines are not followed your images will not be eligible. 

  1. Size your photo appropriately. We recommend 1800px on the longest edge, and saved 72dpi/ppi

  2. Important - name your file as follows: title_cameraandlens_artistname.jpg. If your submission does not contain an artist's name it cannot be used.

  3. Your file must be a jpeg under 20MB.If your image does not comply, it will not be considered.

  4. Only submit ONE (1) image unless the curator has specifically stated that you may submit more than one.

  5. Please do not submit the same image to more than one open stream or an image that has recently been featured.

Information regarding resizing images is available on the Adobe website, here

currently open SUbmissions 

KATIE MOLLON, curator. In celebration of Holga Week this month, send in your favorite Holga photo! Deadline for submissions is October 28th, midnight CDT. You may submit your image here.

GREG WILLIAMSON, curator. Red Oktober greetings comrades! It is time to take up your Zorki, your Kievs, your Lomos, Dianas, Holgas and Zenits, and get shooting to celebrate Red Oktober, aka Commie Camera Month. Any Soviet or Chinese camera will do. Workers of the Collective Unite! Deadline for submissions is November 15th, midnight CDT. You may submit your image here.

URIZEN FREAZA, curator. Send in your favorite instant film shot from Autumn Polaroid Week! Instagram posts tagged with #fscpolaroid will also be considered. Deadline for submissions is November 4th, midnight CDT. You may submit your image here.

recent photostreams

Rules and Fine Print

  1. You retain all of the rights and ownership to the photographs you submit.

  2. There's no compensation provided for the submission of photos. A link will be displayed to your work when appropriate.

  3. Submissions are permanent. Given the volume of submissions the photos are permanent once they have been posted. These cannot be removed in the future, so please take that into consideration.

  4. Unpublished submissions are not kept on file.

  5. Have fun. This is an opportunity to grow as an artist and inspire the community around you.


We do not accept any submissions which do not adhere to the guidelines above. All images must be properly formatted and submitted as .jpg attachments. We do not accept portfolio links, zip files, WeTransfer, Google Drive, Dropbox, or any other hosting for image submissions.