Each year the Film Shooters Collective seeks to provide film photographers with new and exciting opportunities to share their craft with the world. Our first publication was produced in 2013, with two subsequent publications in early 2015.

NSEW Volume 1

NSEW Volume One includes the work of 36 film photographers from around the globe. This was our first publication and an effort that we're all very proud of. A number of volunteers from around the world came together to make this book a reality. You can purchase NSEW Volume One on the Blurb Bookshelf.  

NSEW Volume 2

Having been successful in our first try at creating a book we set off to create a follow up and explore what our members were working on a year later. The work in this book, and the growth of the artists is really phenomenal. You can purchase NSEW Volume Two on the Blurb Bookshelf

NSEW Volume 3

NSEW Volume 3 was published on December 1st of 2016. It is our largest publication to date at 180 pages and contains a wide variety of photographs. This is hands down our finest showing yet. This book is available on the Blurb Bookshelf as a hardcover and softcover.

Fading From Memory

Fading From Memory was a very important book for us to make as a collective. This book pays homage to all of the talented photographers working in the medium of instant photography. This book, is considered by some to be our best publication to date. You can purchase Fading From Memory on the Blurb Bookshelf