A Walk in the Woods

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Peace, Serenity, Quiet, Calm, Tranquility. There are many words to describe the woods. For me it is my refuge, my go to place for sanity.  I am fortunate to live in a place where woods are only a short distance from my home. The Great Smokey Mountains are a half days drive from where I live, but I rarely go there due to time restraints. And so I take full advantage of what local woods and State Parks are near. Seasons don't matter much to me, I enjoy them in all kinds of weather. When I'm there, I'm at peace, free from the noises and smells of civilization, and yet only minutes from it. For my photography, it has provided many opportunities. Whether black and white or color film, I am always amazed at what comes from my cameras. Small, tiny landscapes to the larger ones, a lake a stream  or stand of trees, a lone flower or group of them. Nature astounds me, it always has and I'm sure always will. My cameras and some clothes I don't mind ruining are my only tools when I"m out there. On a good day, not only do I get to make some beautiful photographs, but also am privileged to encounter some wildlife. I encourage you, who have the opportunity, to take some time when possible and enjoy the woods. We may not have them for long.

Bobby Kulik


Bronica ETRS 6x4.5, Super Ricohflex 6x6, Zenobia 6x4.5 folder,Minolta SRT 201 35mm.

North Carolina photorapher Bobby Kulik loves film.

bobby kulik

Like many photographers I began my adventures in digital. I read somewhere how a negative from a 35mm camera film could give as much and more image quality than a digital raw file and so I bought my first 35mm slr, a Chinon DSL. It wasn"t long before I started developing my own film and building a small collection of various format film cameras. I love the cameras, I love the film and I love the process of using both. To me, film has a much more personal value, a sense of reality and a human aspect to it. The feel, sounds and smells of using film are to me as much what drives me as much as the results I get. I have yet to gain the knowledge of making my own prints but that will be soon enough I suppose. But in the mean time, I'm enjoying the ride that using film and film cameras give me.