A Walk in the Woods - Part Two by Bobby Kulik

I can't believe it has been a year already since part one of this series. My love of nature and of recording it on film has continued to grow since then. There is something about the feeling I get when I’m alone in the woods, on a trail, or at a lake. Just complete peace I suppose. What makes it more special for me is seeing it through the viewfinder or on a ground glass and visualizing the scene. And equally amazing to me, every time, is seeing those images on a negative fresh from the developing tray or tank. Also amazing to me is how fast these woods, these natural places of wonderment, are disappearing in lieu of new homes, shopping centers, and parking lots. I may not remember every single spot I photographed, or at least how I got there, but I can remember through photographs that I WAS there. And I wonder sometimes who else may have been. How old is that tree? Who roamed these places in days gone by? Who once lived in that old cabin and fished for dinner in that lake so long ago?

And I photograph these little pieces of the world in hopes that who ever it may be that views them, will enjoy at least a small portion of what I was privileged to have seen. And I hope that they will be inspired to get up, get outside, and take A Walk In The Woods


Bobby Kulik is a North Carolina photographer who loves the mix of nature and film. The cameras used for this piece are the Burke & James 4x5 Press, Bronica S 6x6, Super Ricohflex TLR, Minolta XE-7 and Debonair 6x4.5. You can see more of his work here www.bobkulikphotography.zenfolio.com

bobby kulik

Like many photographers I began my adventures in digital. I read somewhere how a negative from a 35mm camera film could give as much and more image quality than a digital raw file and so I bought my first 35mm slr, a Chinon DSL. It wasn"t long before I started developing my own film and building a small collection of various format film cameras. I love the cameras, I love the film and I love the process of using both. To me, film has a much more personal value, a sense of reality and a human aspect to it. The feel, sounds and smells of using film are to me as much what drives me as much as the results I get. I have yet to gain the knowledge of making my own prints but that will be soon enough I suppose. But in the mean time, I'm enjoying the ride that using film and film cameras give me.