Cross Processing Experiment Kodak VR Plus 400 in Fuji SPD

Last night I developed some B&W film and had the developer standing around( I use it for 4-6 rolls and than throw it out, I never store developer ).

So I got a very old Kodak VR Plus 400 Roll, that was in my desk since 2006( forgotten vacation roll from germany ) and put it in my Tank.

  1. I put some water into the tank for about 5min.
  2. I put the developer into the tank and developed ( Fuji SPD-The one litre bag )the film for 12:30min and agitated for a min, and than every min for 10sec.
  3. Stop Bath for 1min. I use Acetic acid.
  4. Fixer for 5min. Agitate for a min at the beginning and than every min for 10sec
  5. Final wash. I rinse the tank for about 10min with water, than I fill it up with water and a drop of dish soap, close the tank and agitate for 30sec. After that, I give it a quick rinse and take out the film. I usually hang the film into my bathroom after I took a shower.

I got nice brownish negatives, and they looked ok to scan.


The scanning with my Canon 9000F Mark II was a bit difficult but I managed to get some of them scanned.

Here are the best photos I got. Nothing special. Very old family snapshots from a vacation to Germany.

(Sorry for the scratches and dust)