Curated Photos | March 14, 2016 | Marc Nagainis

I consider my style of photography to be quite opportunistic; I shoot when and where I am, and where and when I can.  I have a 9-5 that pays the bills and takes precedence over my photography so I shoot when the opportunity presents itself... lunch hours, my commute etc. My projects also tend to become very locale based.  In previous years I worked in the down-town core of my city and was able to indulge my passion for street photography. I took to documenting the microcosm that is its people and their surroundings.  My current position offers a stark contrast to that, and has resulted in a much different thematic approach, but is still equally rewarding.

From time to time I want to create an ongoing series or project that highlights my interest in a specific area or genre.  Some of these series turn out to be ephemeral, nothing more than a whim or whisper, and remain so forever.  Others germinate and grow over the weeks, months,  and years that make up our photographic lives.  I was curious to see what others were working on, so in this weeks theme I asked you all to show me yours, and I would show you mine.  The thumbnail image for this week is representative of my ongoing series Industrial Wasteland:  The Confluence between Technology and Nature.

If anyone would like to elaborate on their series, please do so in the comments below.

Next weeks theme will be curated by Michael Behlen and is on the theme Symmetry.  

"Symmetry is important whether its in your life or in your photography.  You can compose symmetrically or use your photography to bring calm and balance to your life. The theme is up to interpretation!

And Happy Sunday everyone!  Please submit your work here."