Curated Photos - Alternative Portraits | Marc Nagainis | March 11 2019

Alternative portraits. Alternative processes. Alternative poses or subjects. Portraiture is my one great love in photography, and a subject i very seldom pursue. Why? I think i’m scared, too shy, too afraid of the interaction. In order to make a really good portrait, you have to get in there, get personal. You have to make a connection with your subject, and I have a hard time looking into someones soul for more than a few awkward seconds. Oh, but i do love taking a portrait.


I'm Film photographer Marc Nagainis and am based in Ottawa, Canada.  You can see more of my work and my ongoing series on my website.  

I’ll be back on April 7th ish 2019. For my next curation I will be asking for your interpretation of the contrast between dark and light… evil and good… light and shadow… Do your worst, show me your best. Submit your image here.


Every week the FSC features an article with a Curated Photostream that is open to all.  You may only submit one (1) photo and it *must* be a jpeg file and no larger than 20 MB. Please title the file "Title_Camera_Film_YourName.jpg" so that we may properly credit you if your photo is selected. Remember to check our Submit page to see all currently open photostreams. 

Upcoming Curations include…

LUCY WAINWRIGHT, curator:  My next curation will be March 18. I would be really glad if you would send me pictures of the hills and mountains of your home. Or your holiday! Any analog process will work. Thank you so much! You may submit your image here.

ABIGAIL CRONE, curator:  My next curation is March 25, 2019, and the theme is Gardens, it will be open to all film formats. You may submit your image here

RUBY BERRY, curator: My next curation is April 1 and the theme is Trickery. Show me your fools, your trompe l'œil, your magic, your jokes. Be the fool or the fooled. You may submit your image here.