Curated Photos | April 11 2016 | Marc Nagainis

What has grown old can become new again.  What has died can be reborn.  Time passes and things change.  Every year, the the coming of spring brings renewal and with this renewal, another chance to burst forth and start life again.  Another chance to feel the warmth of the sun on your face, the wind in your hair and to feel that special flutter in your heart signalling the change.  Enjoy your Rites of Spring, they only come once a year.

Next week, we will have a new theme of "Blur" curated by Michael Behlen. Submit ONE image for this theme by dropping it here! This theme is open to all interpretations of the theme. Blury subjects being turned into ghosts, long exposures creating surreal water scapes, or simply showing your subject or subjects background moving. We can't wait to see your blur!