Curated Photos | April 17 2017 | Marc Nagainis

A month ago, i asked you to show me images related to your faith or spirituality, or lack thereof, or whatever lies in between.  I asked that you show us how you might celebrate, or mourn, or observe.

I've never been a spiritual guy.  I'm not a participant in any specific religion or faith and its not something I've found I need in my life.  Having said that tho, I guess I do believe that there is something greater than ourselves at work in the universe.  Call it what you will, gods, collective unconsciousness, a general sense that we are not alone, or that this short life isn't "it". Doesn't matter, I feel it.  Here is the collection that was submitted, a truly interesting roundup of images on the theme.

In another month, for the curation day May 16th 2017 it will be very close to my birthday.  Show me pictures of a recent celebration, or life moment.  


Every week the FSC features a Curated Photostream that is open to all.  You may only submit one (1) photo and it *must* be a jpeg file and no larger than 20 MB. Please title the file "Title_Camera_Film_YourName.jpg" so that we may properly credit you if your photo is selected.  

Next week will be curated by Amy Jasek and in celebration of Spring Polaroid Week, she will be curating a set of instant film photography. Please submit your instant springtime masterpiece here!


Film photographer Marc Nagainis is based in Canada.  You can see more of his work on his website .