Curated Photos | August 1st 2016 | Marc Nagainis

You know it when you see it. That shot may only come around once in a while, perhaps one in every five or ten rolls. That one image you figuratively pat yourself on the back for.  The one that speaks to you as it is, naked, untouched.  The one that turned out exactly as you pictured it.  I personally love when that happens because it shows me I'm on the path I was looking for, my road less travelled.  Over the past month I had asked for new images that produced this satisfaction as they were, untouched.  The images are varied in subject and complexity, but each and every one made me feel that special feeling.  Thank you to all who submitted for sharing with us.

My next curation will be August 29th 2016.  Summer is on the wane, the year is moving on. Show me an image shot this summer that has special personal meaning to you. It doesn't have to be technically the best as long as it really means something to you.  Let it speak to the rest of us.  

Next week’s curation will be by Lucy Wainwright and the theme is “Sunday Morning.” From Lucy:

"The day is like wide water, without sound, Stilled for the passing of her dreaming feet " 
Sunday Morning, Wallace Stevens

Sunday morning is special, whether it's all about family and friends or quiet contemplation. Please send in your images that show how Sunday morning feels. You may submit your shot here. Thank you.