Curated Photos | December 11th, 2015 | "Technology Sucks" Edition

I’m not anti-technology by any means. In fact, I quite like technology for all of it’s benefits. Technology allows me to sit on my couch, in my apartment, and deliver to you this post anywhere in the world. I can order motorcycle parts from Japan and look up health information online in two tabs, on one browser, from anywhere in the world on my phone if I so choose.

For all of its merits though when technology fails it does so in a manner that’s far from graceful. When a digital circuit fails it does so in a manner that is sudden. A connection is lost, an error is reported, and often that’s the end of the story as the digital lifecycle is completed. This special edition of our curated stream is all about technology when it’s at it’s lowest. Through a glitch in the submission process a number of really beautiful submissions went unseen for the past couple of months.

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