Curated Photos | December 7, 2015 | Ruby Falls

Celebrating the Humble Holga

Simple.  Frustrating.  Perfect.  Junk.  Toy.  Magic.

These are all words that photographers use to describe their experiences with the plastic-fantastic Holga. While we are still adjusting to the news that Holga is shutting down, we will never stop creating with these incredible works of easy genius.  

For this week's Holga-specific photo stream, I have selected works that show their incredible range -- from lomo quirk to fine art, from iconic party shot to mesmerizing abstract.  I hope you enjoy.  And I also hope you grab a Holga or four while you still can.

Next week Amy Jasek will be curating and the theme is "Joy."  So send us your shots of what lifts your spirits and fills your heart.