Curated Photos - Desert Island Film | Nov 27 2017 | Marc Nagainis

Ilford PanF.  Not that new fancy pants PanF+ ;) but old school expired PanF.  The kind of film where you could cut the contrast with a knife.  That's my particular  Desert Island film.  I like a film where blacks are blacks and whites are whites and everything in between is in a rush to be either black or white. Tonality is everything.  And don't get me started on the grain... .  Its a fine portrait film, properly lit.  Its an even better available light portrait film, provided you can just get those damn kids to hold still long enough to get the shot.  I love PanF.  I've got a few more rolls of old PanF in the freezer and then I'm out.  I have sad.

A close second would be Rollei Retro 80's.  This is another fine film I love to use for portraits for the same reasons I love PanF.  Tones like a vintage Fender amp and grain for days.

Enjoy these Desert Island films from your compatriots.  They're beautiful.  


I'm Film photographer Marc Nagainis and am based in Ottawa, Canada.  You can see more of my work on my website .     



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My next curation will be December 25 and the theme will be "Darkroom Work." I've recently done some work in the darkroom with some very old Ilford Ilfomar graded paper, so I'll be discussing that topic and asking for both your commentary and images of darkroom work. You  may submit your image here.  

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