These are anxious times. These are peaceful moments.  

Most of us are always seeking one and trying to quell the other. The first can lead to the latter, and vice-versa. In our inner lives, our everyday mundane moments, and across the globe as whole, I feel these two are ever at odds, or maybe just continually balancing each other. I’d like to see images that speak to one or the other, or both, from everyone this week in whatever manner that could mean for you.  

That was the idea for this week’s curation. I was peaceful approaching this curation, but life, quite literally and the final hours preceding it, stepped in and transformed that feeling entirely. I could not choose from the many images striking me in my sleep-deprived state so I wrote this instead and immediately after writing I intend to not think but just pick... choose those that seem to be stuck in between one or the other, as we all are most of the time by a large margin. In my first glances the thing that struck me most was how so many of the images this week seemed to be hiding something or keeping something away, and that seemed fitting.

All these relaxing moments of worry, and all these worried seconds of relaxation. These are what I’ll have found here. And, I will have probably colored some of them with my own feelings, but then don’t we all. 

Next week's photostream will be curated by Gabi Roozee and the theme will be "Action."  From Gabi:  "I am a fan of sports photography so I'd like to see your favorite action shot. I'll take any kind of action not just sports!"  You may submit your shot here.  


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