CURATED PHOTOS | JULY 11, 2016 | Deborah Candeub, Guest Curator

At the start of each year for the past handful I choose a word, or better still, my word chooses me. It may be a mantra, a challenge, an affirmation or a gentle reminder to myself -- the word is less of a resolution and more of touchstone. My word for this year is Wonder, and I’ve spent the first half of 2016 studying it with great intent: I’ve read extensively on the subject, seen the instagram-breaking Wonder re-opening exhibit at the Renwick Gallery and, more than anything, held sacred my time to wonder about Wonder.  So, it was a true delight to get the chance to throw my word out to this talented community for interpretation. 

In the time of the wunderkammer or cabinets of curiosity, Wonder was thought to be the drive behind our desire to understand our universe but, almost  conversely, it is used to describe our reaction to the unknowable as well. 

The known or unknowable; from a physical marvel to the look of wonder in a child’s eyes; from a shock to the soul to a feast for the eyes. All are present, and making my selections was incredibly difficult as I saw the wonder in each and every image that was submitted.

Next week's photostream will be guest curated by Sarah Taft and the theme will be "Home."  You may submit your shot here


These days you are apt to find Deborah with her nose in a book or her eye behind a viewfinder.  

She writes about photography for the collaborative blog Viewfinders and is a proud member of the Film Shooters Collective. 

You can see more of her photography here.