CURATED PHOTOS | June 13, 2016 | Hans-Peter Linz, Guest Curator

This week our guest curator is Hans-Peter Linz.  You can explore his wonderful photography here

Cars and mankind: What a combination. Some people hate cars because they are blamed for the climate change, others love them as a fetish. And somehow everybody is somewhere between these extremes. Cars are an indicator for the status of the society, there are poor cars that are old and full of rust, there are rich cars that are pampered and clean and lush.  There are people who want to show their individuality with their car, others don’t care about it. What an extreme variety.

FSC shooters show their best car shots here.  We see monochrome, black and white, close ups, reflections and much more. Enjoy!

Next week will be guest curated by Abigail Crone. The theme will be "Dream."

Photography is still often seen as a way of recording reality, merely documenting what is in front of our eyes. But photography can show us things that never existed, things that are only inside our minds. You may submit your photo for "Dream" here