Curated Photos | June 6th 2016 | Marc Nagainis

Choosing just one of anything can be hard for most of us these days.  I live in what seems like a world of over abundance and over gratification and with very little effort on my part I can get just about whatever I want, within the reason of my socio-economic rank and place.  I can choose to shoot film at a time when film as a medium, while enjoying a resurgence, can be said to be on a strange sort of extended life support.  We're not really sure it will survive, but we choose to shoot it anyway, because we can, and it makes us happy.  Sometimes making the single choice can be liberating and exciting and an amazing way to learn about ourselves, to push our limits.  Pushing ourselves to make a single choice IS hard, but making those inner examinations and decisions should be difficult, shouldn't it? Doesn't it make our artistic process that much more worthwhile?

I asked everyone to share a single image to define their style, or an image that will be their legacy, their image to be remembered by, or an image that defines their style.  Its not an easy choice, and if I had to pick mine, it unfortunately would not be a film image. The image I used for this posts thumbnail is a close second.  Choosing from the submissions was a lot more difficult than it has ever been for a curation.  Whether your image was selected or not thank you so much for sharing your image and making that difficult decision.  

The week beginning June 6 will be guest curated by Hans-Peter Linz. The theme is "Cars". Automobiles are essential for the society. Without mobility there would be no economy and no progress. Cars are also a symbol for the identity of each individual. Many people want to show how cool, rich, special they are by choosing the appropriate car. There is a huge variety out there that is worth to be shown..  Lets all submit our coolest car shots here.