Curated Photos | Marc Nagainis | October 24th 2016

Through a glass darkly.  A simple phrase that has so many interpretations.  I suggested this phrase for the same reason I suggest most of my curations; to expand my photographic boundaries, and  to make myself think about my process and work outside of my metaphoric comfort zone.  I invite you all to play along every month or so because I like the company, and I love seeing the diverse ideas the same phrase or theme can bring out of other people.  My curation this month is no exception, a bakers dozen of images wonderfully swirling the same theme yet as individual and unique as each photographer.  Thank you all who submitted, and enjoy.

My next curation will be November 20th for publication November 21st 2016 and its theme will be the cliche Fall Colours.  Please submit images of the season taken between September 1st 2016 and November 20th 2016.  For those of you in other parts of the world where it is not autumn, please submit you images of the colours of your season, same time period applies.

Next week Ellen Goodman is the curator and her theme is Halloween! Jack-o-lanterns, costumes, witches and brooms, creepy old houses and photos of tombs. From super spooky to super sweet, send in your favourites for Halloween week!  Submit here.