When I was a child, I dreamt of having to choose between my parents, that my bedroom floor had turned into cockroaches, and that a wolf followed me everywhere I went, forever lurking in the shadows of my subconscious.  As I aged into my teenage years, my chimera’s nightly visits transcended into total darkness, either in context or blessed nothingness.  I so greatly feared the folds of my mind that I resisted sleep and deliberately sabotaged any chance of making peace with my inner demons. 

I chose to instead live in my daydreams.  In the light of day, I could do and be anything I wished.  I dreamt of becoming involved with National Geographic, either as a photographer, a writer, or an explorer.  I dared to believe that I could become the first female Blue Angel naval aviator (the opposing solo pilot, to be exact).  I therefore spent the better part of a decade fleeing the darkness, embracing and dreaming solely in the light.  I believed that I could shine only in the sun, until I realized that the stars of the night sky were suns as well.  

My mind’s eye still drifts across the endless expanse of my imagination, gazing down upon the “shoulds” and “coulds” of my life.  However, my soul now happily joins the stars winking in their sheets of darkness, dreaming not just with them, but beyond them.  I hear the dreams of my children and they plant themselves within my heart, growing my own hopes and aspirations to be stronger than I dreamed possible. 

When choosing this theme, I asked artists to think about dreams and aspirations.  Perhaps you have (or used to have) a recurring dream that tugs at your most guarded secrets.  Maybe you aspire to be a different version of yourself.  What do you wish for when you see a falling star?  What do you feel when you hear a child tell you their big ideas?  Where do your dreams take you, in either your inner or outer life?   Here are their Dreams.


Mandy is a film photographer who currently lives in Oklahoma and never stops planning out her family's next adventure. You can see more of her work and travels at her website or Instagram.


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