New Beginnings...

Spring has sprung, at least in the Northern Hemisphere and as is often the case when seasons change, a lot of things are happening right now in our little neck of the woods.  Both of my sons are graduating from school.  One headed to the real world, or maybe law school, and the other is off to study business in college starting this fall.  And back in our quickly shrinking household, my wife and I are contemplating an empty nest and getting ready to make a pretty big move of our own.  Change can be good and these are all good changes, but it all got me thinking about beginnings and endings and the words of the stoic philosopher Seneca, and yes the group Semisonic, who both said  "Every new beginning is some other beginnings end"

Well, these are your new beginnings, and some other beginnings end.  

Thanks to all who submitted. I am humbled by the beauty here.  


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So gather up your jackets, and move it to the exists, I hope you have found a friend"    

Closing Time, by Dan Wilson.  Inspired by Seneca.



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