Our theme this week was "Portraits."  Which raises the question -- what is a portrait?  

For me, a photo becomes a portrait when the subject and the photographer work together to tell a story as a means to connect the viewer to the photograph.  Sometimes the subject is an actively involved model who lets her body be covered in silver paint; sometimes the subject is a defiant child who magnanimously allows you to shoot their mood.  But the end result is narrative.  And through this narrative, the viewer makes a connection with the subject.   

The portrait need not involve a perfectly prepped model.  Or a studio.  Or even a human.  It can involve weeks of planning and prepping or it can present itself as a fleeting moment.  I had so very many wonderful portraits to choose from this week.  In the end, I chose a series that was all about the eyes. Vulnerable, loving, fierce, warm, shy, and honest.  Each of these portraits introduces the viewer to the subject and invites you to finish the story.  

Next week's photostream will be curated by Marc Nagainis and the theme will be a walk on the dark side.  Marc is looking for moody and or atmospheric black and white shots you have produced over the last year.  Show him the darkness that resides in all of you.  You may submit your shot here