Curated Photos | November 2nd, 2015 | Cameron Kline

If you ask anyone from San Diego, CA about the Fall they will undoubtedly tell you that San Diego has one and that it's the best in the country. They're also experts on beer, though I surmise anyone from Portland may disagree, and they come out of the woodwork to tell you about the beach. When I tell people that I'm longing for a real fall they look at me with bewilderment. I tell them that in parts of the country leaves change colors and fall from trees. I tell them about the Fall run Chinook Salmon and what a site that is to see. And I tell them about how the fog rolls through the mountain in places like the Columbia River Gorge and on crisp Tennessee mornings. You'll know you've described Fall adequately if they look at you and ask if you like the beach.  

My selection this week isn't limited to Fall. I chose photos that remind me of home, or the longing for home. The photos chosen reminded me of places that I've been, places I've thought about going, and places I'm not going back to.  As always we had an incredible selection of photographs submitted that I had to choose from, and it was as difficult as ever. Next week we're having an alternative process theme brought to you by the wonderful Amy Jasek, so please send your tintypes, Van Dyke Browns, you platinum and your palladium prints as well as anything else slightly off the map to her. 


This week's curated submissions were chosen by Cameron Kline and wouldn't have been possible without the generous submissions and exceptional talent of everyone who submitted. See more of their work below.