Curated Photos | November, 30th 2015 | Michael Behlen

Open Theme | Expired Film

This week's curated photostream features photography work that captures the otherworldly and special medium of expired film. Expired film shows us the hidden dimensions and the unspeakable emotions of the scenes we shoot, regardless of their frequency. Ranging from once in a lifetime locations to our everyday surroundings, expired film explodes with color and fantasy, allowing us to create scenes that are truly unique. The magic that happens when developing and viewing expired film is both exciting and nerve racking, creating a sense of creative anticipation deep down in your artistic soul. 

I present to you 12 images from twelve photographers that show us what a wonderful medium expired film is and how it's uses can vary. Use this as inspiration and go out and shoot that film, regardless of it's age!

Next week, we will have a new theme, curated by Ruby Falls.  The theme is Holga, as we raise a glass to the creative "toy" in the wake of its factory closing down. We look forward to your submissions!