I did not have a specific theme for this week's photostream.  As always, I let the photos decide the theme and tell the story.  This week that story is about Ephemera.  About Longing.  And Loss.

The intense desire to hold onto a moment before it becomes a memory.  The sharp sting of sorrow you feel in a time of joy, knowing that the time will pass.  The ocean inside of us all, made up of infinite drops of beauty, pleasure, contentment, and belonging, and bound together by a lovely sort of grieving.  A grieving for time and its passing, made wonderful by our gratitude for our time in life.  

Thank you to everyone for submitting their gorgeous work.    

Next week's photostream will be curated by Amy Jasek and the theme is Alternative Processes.  Send in your wet plates, dry plates, cyanotypes, van dyke browns, gum bichromates, intaglios, photogravures, salt prints - anything and everything alt. Please make sure to indicate the process type in your file name.  You may submit your photo here.