There is the anticipation.  The build up.  Wondering what will reveal itself in the image, did everything go as planned?  

In my first years as a photographer in high school I was forced to find learn the reality of being a film photographer:  Some things are out of my control. Also, I do make mistakes.I had been working on an print, attempting to soloraize when I dropped half of the print into the fix after the first round of exposing the paper to light.  What came out was not what I had wanted or expected- but it was very interesting. My teacher said "It's a happy mistake!" I instantly had a different perspective of the print.

Often times the happy mistakes produce results that would be very difficult to reproduce. They are beautiful and full of wonder - asking myself "how did THAT happen?"

Next week's photostream will be curated by Efrain Bojorquez and the theme will be "Celebration."  Do you have any rituals of your own? Is there a season-change dance? howling into the wind just for the sake of it? how about a good old birthday cake? It doesn't matter, submit the celebration of your favorite moments caught on film in here.  


Gina Gorsek is a photographer based out of Cincinnati, Ohio.  You may see her wonderful work here.