Amazing response to my shout out for images inspired by the word SPONTANEOUS! Thank you so much everyone!

Spontaneity is a huge part of photography. It's in what we shoot and in the way we shoot and it gives huge power to an image. I have some wonderful pictures to show you that people have made in and of spontaneity & they all pack a punch, and sometimes that punch is wrapped in cotton wool and delivered in the softest focus imaginable.

Have a look at this brilliance, and then unleash yourself on the rest of your day, and don't forget to take a camera with you!

Backflip_hasselblad501c, 150mmCF-T, Soft 3 Filter_Joel Bringolf.jpg


Deborah Candeub - stained glass mask_Nikon F100_Fuji ProPlus200_Deborah Candeub.jpg

Stained Glass Mask | Nikon F100 | Fuji ProPlus 200 | Deborah Candeub

Andrew Gammell - Pop!_Spotmatic Super Takumar 50mm f1.4 Agfa CT Precisa 100_A.Gammell.jpg

Pop! | Spotmatic Super | AGFA Precisa | Andrew Gammell

Aliz Izabella Kiraly - breaktherules_yashicafxdandyashicaml50mm_alizizabellakiraly.jpg

Break The Rules | Yashica fx | Aliz Izabella Kiraly

Ellese Say - unselfconscious_KonicaSIIIwithHexanon1.9_ElleseSay.jpg

Unselfconscious | Konica SIII | Ellese Say

Jess Hobbs - Mosh Pit_Olympus 35RC 42mm E.Zuiko_Jess Hobbs.jpg

Mosh Pit | Olympus 35RC | Jess Hobbs

sakara birdsong - Ruby_sx70_Sakarabirdsong.jpg

Ruby | SX70 | Sakara Birdsong

Merman | Canon AE1 | Kailee Karr

Michael Rennie - Splash_F6_28mm_Michael Rennie.jpeg

Splash! | F6 | Michael Rennie

Alex Conu - BadStitching_PolaroidImpulseAF_AlexConu.jpg

Bad Stitching | Polaroid Impulse AF | Alex Conu


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Next time I'd like you to give me your UNREAL COLOUR. I want to see your xpro, your redscale, your CIR & aerochrome, your sepia and cyanotype and turquoise and purple lomochrome! Real colour has been done. Let's do better!


Lucy Wainwright is a film photographer and art psychotherapist living in Derbyshire.