Lately it seems I have been talking to everyone about craft and art. Specifically about how good it feels to work on a "craft" when you find yourself stuck on your "art." It can be anything from restringing every instrument in the house because you can't find the right bridge to mowing your yard because you can't figure out how to shape a narwhal cake. 

I have been at a standstill on a particular creative piece for almost two months. In that time I have built a fire pit, replaced a toilet, made 5 not-so-great pinholes, ripped every single weed out of our yard, repaired the porch roof, replaced a microwave (well, almost), and countless other necessary and less necessary tasks. The thing is, those kid of activities are exactly those that finally give me some mental quiet. And in that quiet space, I can actually think about whatever "creative" pursuit I am currently battling.  

I finally had a breakthrough and finished the piece. And I couldn't help but think how, in a strange way, that piece was the sibling of the fire pit, the artistic side to the craft. So perhaps that is why, when I looked at the images for this week's photostream I saw them in pairs. 

I hope you enjoy these images and that the next week brings you an artistic breakthrough or a the satisfaction of a craft well done. 


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Next week will be curated by Marc Nagainis. From Marc: My next curation will be August 13.  The dog days of summer.  Show me how you manage to relax and kick back at this time of year, wherever you are.  Do your worst, show me your best. Submit your image here.. 

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Film photographer Ruby Berry is based in the USA. You can see more of her work here or follow her on Instagram.