We asked readers to submit their single best image from 2018. These are my favorite 18 images from those submissions; indeed, I feel these 18 images resonate with the best of what 2018 brought us.

2018 has been a challenging year but also one of positive change and the conquering of seemingly insurmountable obstacles. And while I am a little happier than usual to see what 2019 will bring I am also looking back on 2018 with fondness and a little bit of awe. The kindness and passion of people in heartbreaking times will never cease to amaze me.

I hope your 2019 is a little warmer, a little brighter, and brings you love and peace - Ruby


Every week the FSC features an article with a Curated Photostream that is open to all.  You may only submit ONE (1) photo and it *must* be a jpeg file and no larger than 20 MB. Please title the file "Title_Camera_Film_YourName.jpg" so that we may properly credit you if your photo is selected. Remember to check our Submit page to see all currently open photostreams. 

MARC NAGAINIS, curator: My next curation will be January 7. New Year, new experiences, new life. show me something new that you’re working on, maybe a series that’s just taking shape, a new project… Maybe there is something new in your life to share. Submit your image here.

LUCY WAINWRIGHT, curator:  My next curation will be January 14, 2019. I'd like to start the new year with the topic DILEMMA, and it can be any souped up, alt pro craziness you've been working on, or the most classic BW imaginable. You may submit your image here.

ABIGAIL CRONE, curator:  My next curation is January 21, 2019, and the theme is Warmth. I’m going to try something different next month and open submissions up to ALL film formats (this isn’t just for Polaroid shooters). You may submit your image here.  


Film photographer Ruby Berry is based in the USA. You can see more of her work here or follow her on Instagram.