Curated Photostream | July 17 2017 | Marc Nagainis

Talking 'bout you and me
And the games people play
Oh we make one another cry
Break a heart then we say goodbye
Cross our hearts and we hope to die
That the other was to blame

Joe South - Games People Play

Its the beginning of the summer season where I live.  Kids are out of school, summer is in full bloom, and the long winter coming is no where in sight.  We get to enjoy the our long beautiful days of summer and the games we play with our families and friends without care.  Enjoy your summer, North America, you've earned it.


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Next week will be curated by the one and only Ruby and her chosen theme is "Your Favourite Place."  You may submit your shot here.   


Film photographer Marc Nagainis is based in Ottawa, Canada.  You can see more of his work on his website .