I think we all have strong but perhaps difficult to articulate feelings about what makes a great portrait. Certainly there are technical aspects at play, lighting, focus, setting, and perspective are all important. But a real portrait -- a photograph that captures an actual person -- is something more than that.  

For me, I want there to be a connection. I want there to be a story, or the promise of a story. I want to feel like there is a real person there, with feelings, a past, a secret, a joke.  I want to be able to *see* them. Not just an image. A true portrait should leave you thinking about the subject beyond the confines of the image. 

To me, each of the images below features someone real. Each captures a moment. A connection. A story. A person. I look at them and I feel like I am seeing a soul, rather than just a subject. And to me, that is what makes a portrait great. 

As always, I am grateful for every artist and every image submitted. This stream had so many excellent images from which to chose. Please keep submitting and keep shooting.


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Next week will be curated by Marc Nagainis. From Marc:  Lately, I've found it very difficult to motivate myself to get out and shoot.  Show me how you motivate yourself when "writes block" sets in and you're not feeling it. Do your worst, show me your best, show me your muse. Submit your image here

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Film photographer Ruby Berry is based in the USA. You can see more of her work here or follow her on Instagram.