Figosa Leather Camera Strap Review | Staci Kennelly

The Figosa strap is a simple leather strap that complements old film cameras perfectly.

The strap is not adjustable, however, the length was perfect to sling around my shoulders and hang across my body. The length was also comfortable and made it easy for me to see through my viewfinder. The strap attaches with two small rings. When I first pulled the Figosa strap from the bag, I was concerned about the strethgth of the rings. The small metal rings seemed thin and I wasn’t sure if they would hold the weight of my camera. These little rings are quite strong and durable. They held the weight of the camera and I didn’t need to worry about the strength of the rings at all. 


The strap is very comfortable. The strap I previously had on my camera was a fancy padded strap. The Figosa strap was much more comfortable than the fancy strap. The leather is soft and molds easily to your body. It doesn’t cut into your shoulder. It also balances the camera well, making your camera feel light. I took my camera out for day shoots and the strap felt comfortable all day. 


What I really loved about the strap was how it complemented my vintage film camera. I felt like my Yashica had always had the strap. It became more than an utilitarian piece; it was also a great fashion assesory. I felt like I could wear my camera with the Figosa strap.