Half-frame Follow Up | Fujica Half Review

When I was writing the "Holy Trinity of Half Frames" review I asked some of our members about their half-frame experience and one stood out in particular. You'll find Katherine Mollon's user report below and images from her Fujica Half. 

While working at a photo lab, I had a customer drop off a roll of half-frame negatives, and request that I print them as if they were actually “full frame”.  Once I developed the film and understood what they meant by this – I immediately fell in love with these organic diptychs.  I ended up winning a Fujica Half on E-bay for around $30!  It arrived in a leather carrying case and seemed to be in fine shape.  The selenium light meter does not require any sort of battery, so I was able to start shooting right away!  Mine has not left “Auto” mode because I am so used to working with a Holga.  It also reminds me of shooting with a 6x6 in that you have to fight your instinct to turn the camera in order to get a vertical image!  You have to be good at estimating distances if you do any close-up work, but anything at a distance will come out tack-sharp (with the exception of movement/low-lit spaces).  Yes your images will be grainy due to the small format, so get ready to embrace it.  You will love walking around with this camera, rarely needing to switch rolls!
— Katherine Mollon