The FSC will be doing a monthly digest on instant photography, including a curated stream of photos made with any type of instant film.  Links to submit and themes will be announced in the current digest.  Next month will be curated by Keith Mendenhall and there will be no theme.  You may submit your photo here

It's an alien invasion! The October Round Up rounded itself up in a remarkable way with some brilliant pairs of shots, some by single contributors and others by contributors who must surely be keeping psychically in touch. Please enjoy these wonderful tales of the unexpected, as I did, and thank you so much to everyone who submitted, that was a blast!


Lucy Wainwright is in a state of coveting an I-1 and a Chamonix 4x5 and will be speaking to Santa about that. Her grown up website is under construction, but in the mean time she can be found on Instagram or hanging out at the FSC Clubhouse.