Members' Film Swap, Volume 2

Kevin Rosinbum | Efrain Bojorquez

Kevin Rosinbum

I think I had only ever done a film swap once before that I can remember, and that was when I was still learning photography at all, many many years ago in Photography class in high school. I have none of those images today and this experience was as new as could be. I grabbed a roll of Delta 400, loaded it in my MZ-S, and headed out the door to the grocery on a walk through the neighborhood intending to just ‘get it started’. I returned having nearly finished the roll! Something about this idea, making room in each frame somehow, some way made me just blow through the shots with a new creativity. It was a great change of pace.

It’s a wonder we have any images to share. Efrain’s color roll was returned to him after several weeks and he chose a different carrier to finally get it to me, requiring signature. We’d both pretty much given up on the roll I shot of Delta 400 and sent to him in early February – by mid-March there was still no word or sign of it at his house. But suddenly many weeks later it finally arrived. And then of course he had a developing emergency and close call of nearly overcooking it. 😊 This was mostly caused by me having only rated the film when I shot it rated at around a ½ stop under box speed (I thought this was somehow a good idea – who knows) forcing him to overexpose as well and then pull in development. 😃 You’re welcome! It’s Delta though so I’m sure the highlights would’ve been fine in any case. All things considered, it’s a wonder we have anything to share.

These are the color images and they came out lovely. It was a chore choosing which to share of these for me personally. Efrain marked the leader perfectly so I loaded it accurately and the frames *nearly* all lined up – they were close enough that a 5x7 or 4x3 crop was perfection each and every time. Many look nearly intentional in their framing and there were few “what the hell am I looking at and why” moments for me viewing these. Some unexpected awesomeness. Five stars – would swap again!

Efrain Bojorquez

This was something new for me… I had already thought about re-exposing a roll on my own, but when the chat started in the FSC about swapping films with fellow photographers in remote locations, I couldn’t resist the idea. I wanted to make a frame that would be complimentary for whatever the other person shot. In this case, I went for a wooded area in my city and ended up making photos of a decaying cabin in the middle of the woods… it turns out I couldn’t have made a better choice for the roll I sent Kevin to complete. As for the one he sent me… I went for urban shots in the historic district of my city, a place I know like the back of my hand and which I enjoy to go over and over to try and look for new angles, new shadows and new subjects. 

It was a surprise to me how in sync most of the shots were in both cases… both in alignment and in subject matter. I’d happily make another swap anytime!! I’d just make a note on snail mail’s efficiency to take into account for future deadlines!! hehe

Jane McLoughlin | Amy Jasek

Nils Karlson & Jesús Joglar

Michael Kemp | Barbara Murray

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