This month’s Polaroid Roundup had no theme, but if I had to choose one it would be nostalgia. The photos I chose make me miss people I’ve never met and places I’ve never been. I feel like I’ve been hiking with Karin Claus, looked out over the waters with Josua Weeks, and like I stood on the beach in Phuket with Sean Arena. I wish I could go back with them, but I’ll have to settle for looking at these beautiful little photo souvenirs. 

It’s just not the same though is it? I’m still left with that melancholy feeling that comes with nostalgia. There’s a sinking feeling like something is missing, and Louisa Zimmer’s photo Boy Harsher captures that part of nostalgia perfectly. 

Thank you once again for a month of wonderful submissions. I’m always grateful for the amazing work you all share here. Enjoy the photos, and I hope you see familiar faces and places where you weren’t expecting to.


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Abigail Crone is a Polaroid photographer from Pennsylvania. She’s almost always wandering down a city street or through a nearby forest with a camera hanging around her neck.  You can see more of her work here or follow her on Instagram.