Instant film can already be something of an unpredictable medium to work with, but when you’re working with expired instant film it really feels like throwing planning and a bit of fate together, and if you’re lucky magic happens. 

Dedicated instant film photographers search desperately for their expired film, and spend quite a bit of money on it to have a chance at seeing that magic. There are ethereal color combinations, haunting shadows where you couldn’t have expected, and photo tears caused by dry chemicals that appear to be lifting a curtain into another world. 

These photographers managed to bring planning and fate together in the most perfectly imperfect photos. 

Next month’s Polaroid Roundup will be curated by Lucy Wainwright and the theme is "Love." You may submit your shot here.  


Abigail Crone is a Polaroid photographer from Pennsylvania. She’s almost always wandering down a city street or through a nearby forest with a camera hanging around her neck.  You ca see more of her work here or follow her on Instagram