I love being one of the co-curators of these features. In part it’s because I love the instant film community. I can’t count the number of friends that I’ve made purely because we share a mutual love for instant film. We do favors for one another. We offer advice when asked. We share film when we can. We share thoughts. And when I get to curate one of these features I do see familiar names, but I always see several new contributors, new names, new people with whom to become friendly. And that’s always a pleasure for me. It’s also a pleasure to see the work that’s submitted. As always I wish that I could feature every image, but with close to one hundred submissions this month, each very good, I had to make difficult choices. Regardless, keep sharing your work, and keep interacting. Our community is better for it. 


Every month the FSC features a Polaroid Roundup -- a photostream of all things Instant. You may only submit one (1) photo and it *must* be a jpeg file and no larger than 20 MB. Please title the file "Title_Camera_Film_YourName.jpg" so that we may properly credit you if your photo is selected.  

Next month's Roundup will be curated by Abigail Crone and the theme is "Macro."  For those that don't have a close up lens attachment for your instant film cameras, we will count a macro shot as being as close as you are able to get to your subject with your camera.  You may submit your shot here


Keith Mendenhall is a photographer based in New York, but can most easily be found on Instagram at www.instagram.com/1255.