Processing film yourself - Part 1.


This is the first post in a short series of “how-to” articles relating to home developing of film. I know that there are lots of videos online showing how to do things like this and if you have watched several hours of you-tube videos already, there really isn't anything new for me to add, except to say that I will be doing my best to break down some of the myths surrounding the subject. I’ll be showing C-41 (color) and black and white developing processes, but not slides, as I just don’t shoot using slide film! Now don’t get me wrong here – I have nothing against slides, I just don’t shoot them. Maybe I should try but not while I am writing this series of posts. So to get us going, I’m going to start with color negative (C-41) processing.

More accurately, I’m going to start discussing the set up you need to go through before you do any processing. This means the gear you need and the stuff you’ll buy. I’ll describe how I mix the stock solutions and store them long-term. I just know I’ll get howls of laughter and “You do WHAT?” comments, but you know something? I don’t mind one bit. It’s all part of the learning process, so comment and ask all you like.

Watch out for the list of things I use and where I buy them from, which will be appearing in a few days. 

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