Road 209sr | Andrea Improta

My project was born with the intention of telling the feelings of a place.

There is a road in the center of Italy in Umbria that starts from the town of Terni and goes north east, its name is roud 209 called Valnerina.

Following it you leave the city and the chaos of a classic European city and slowly landscape and the air change.

It is a magnetic and surreal place where time stands still and everything is suspended and governed by calm and silence. It seems to live in a fantasy world and feel its inhabitants.

Discover things far away which now are part of landscape and hear the hand of man.

The superfluous gives way to the essentials, fields, ancient churches, medieval towers, watercourses, rocks, trails, trees, villages, ruins, everything joining in an aesthetic and harmonious order.

All photographs Hasselblad 503cx, Planar 80 f2,8, Ilford FP4, Lee filters


Film photographer Andrea Improta is based in Italy.  See more from this artist on Instagram.