Souls of Trees | Gavin Chapman

I'm not really one to go on about the deep and meaningful arty reason I took a photo. Truth be told, most of the time it's just because I think something looks cool not because it reminds me of a lonely time in the 1980's when no one understood me. 

This series is a little different and shows one of those weird things I have that sparks emotion when it probably shouldn't.


I have always found it strangely emotive when I see something discarded or lost that meant something to someone, like a cuddly toy on the path. Or Christmas trees.


I have always found it sad to see something that potentially brought such joy to people so casually discarded and come the end of December, the streets of London are piled high with them.


If I was a more insightful person I would maybe add something about it being a representation of the emotional void of a capitalist society in modern times, but I’m not so I won't. I just think it looks a bit sad.


I have seen this over many years and always meant to shoot it. The only reason I did it last year over any other year is that I had a spare couple of evenings but it was cold so I didn’t do more.

I like these images; the effect of the street lights in the lens looks like the souls of the trees leaving their branches.


Photos shot on Mamiya RZ67 Pro ii on Kodak Portra 800 and Fuji Velvia 100


Film photographer Gavin Chapman lives in London, UK, loves fried chicken, American hoped IPA beer and drum and bass/hard metal. He embraces everything that makes people different from one another and the drive for a common understanding.