Spring Polaroid Week Roundup | Urizen Freaza

Dear FSC friends, this is Urizen Freaza.

Instant film is magic. Plain and simple. What you see turns into something that you are touching. An image turned into an object. How crazy is that? I'm still amazed every single time this happens in front of my eyes.

And Roid Week is the celebration of this magic. In my opinion, it's about sharing that amazement with others, but that's me. I once heard someone say “everyone is looking for a tribe.” In that case, I guess the people on Roid Week are mine!

Here's a roundup of the photos submitted to Film Shooters Collective and the ones tagged as #fscpolaroid on Instagram. Please go check the artists’ profiles, and if you like, follow them and show them love. And more importantly, check the Polaroid Week pool on Flickr , on Twitter , and on Instagram .

And if these polaroids speak to you... the next Polaroid Week is in October! Grab your favorite instant camera and join us! I tell you, it's fun.


Urizen Freaza was born in Tenerife in 1982 and is since 2010 based in Berlin. He's a self-taught photographer and film-maker. Self-taught meaning that this is a path he's still walking, while hoping there is always more path to walk. He's a member of the Film Shooters Collective and part of the team behind the analogueNOW! festival in Berlin. See more of his work on his website and on Instagram.