Summer's here!!

Hello, dear fellow Film Shooters!

We're already mid way through this year. We hope your projects are working out for you, both personally and photographically speaking.

Here in the FSC we are looking at a very exciting month ahead of us. Summer's coming in the northern hemisphere and with it, plenty of opportunities to go out and shoot with gorgeous light.

We have a few varied surprises prepared for our readers. Starting with our featured artist for the month: Jesús Joglar. Jesús is the man responsible of having an exhibition for the FSC in Revela-T, one of the biggest festivals of all things film in Villasar de Salt, Barcelona, Spain. We had the chance to take a sneak peek into the mind of a scientist gone photographer... wait, wasn't it the other way around?

In the matter of film processing, we have the chance to jump head first into a couple of alternatives. First the revival of a process that started it all for color shooters: Bi-color Kodachrome... yes, you read correctly. we have our staff of mad scientists in charge of making such a thing a reality. Also, the follow up of an article from a couple months ago: the psychodelic results of souping up your film.

As for essays, we have a nice bunch of wonderful thought and written pieces for your delight. For the foodie in all of us, an almost unbeatable mix of BBQ, arts and film photography in the heart of Texas. More into music than food? how does a photo essay about time traveling by means of tango sound? hooked already? If not, I bet you'll get caught in the magic and mystique of New Orleans.

And last but not least, of course we have our gear dedicated posts for the month. A very interesting compilation of commie cameras and film put together by four of our members to feed up those cravings of nostalgia. A great review of an all-time classic: the Nikon F2AS and, for those of you (us) interested in going the whole nine yards and entering the world of large format photography, a very neat set of tips for using the Graflex.

As you can guess by now, we have a pretty good roster of great readings to feed on your shooter bug for this summer. Of course, if great reading is not enough inspiration, you can count on our weekly curated photostream, with tons of great photos submitted by our followers and selected by our team of in-house and guest curators.

Remember, we are a collective that feeds upon your contributions. If you have something you want to share, we have the space for you. Drop us a line or two in our contact form and we will get in touch sooner than later.

Have a great summer!