Brian Richman

I have been taking photographs since the age ten using 120 format film cameras and then in my 20's got into 35mm film. As I now work my way through my fifth decade I am ever more aware of just how little I like the results of most digital photography, and am now trying more and more to bring the qualities of film to my photography.

Born in London, England in the same part of town as Don McCullin the photographer who is famous for having his Nikon F take a bullet from an AK47 and save his life in the Vietnam war, I now call North Texas my home.

My approach is both deliberate and opportunistic. Slow and considered as well as fast and in the moment. This complete contrast results in images that span many genres and styles: I never know when or what might happen next, it's why I always have a camera with me and why this art never ceases to amaze and astound me.

I am currently TRYING to make a web site but it keeps changing and evolving, so I have no idea what new things will be there from one week to the next.

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