Hernando Conwi

I took my first photograph in the eighth grade, sometime in the early Seventies. I was frustrated by my failed attempts at drawing and my dad handed me both of his cameras and suggested I try shooting. I fell in love with those story-making machines and have been shooting photographs ever since.

A very early adopter of digital, I've since returned to shooting more and more film since late 2013. I love the more intentional process of making an image; the colors, textures and dynamic range afforded only by film; and the industrial design, ergonomics and tactility of BT&L cameras (Before Thumbwheels and LCDs). Then there's the special character that only good vintage glass provides. Traditional film cameras and their lenses speak to me in the same way mechanical watches, fountain pens and typewriters do. I work with 35mm, medium format and Polaroid film.

I enjoy shooting everyday things, people's life events and capturing the beauty of the world around me. I am working on a Web site to which I will soon post a link. Thank you for stopping by!