Jesús Joglar

Jesús Joglar is a scientist working in the field of organic chemistry and biocatalysis. He started to make photographs in the “analog era” using his father Contax II camera and, since then, he has been faithfull to this way of making photographs.

He discovered pinhole photography by chance. Pinhole photography makes you think before making a picture and that's the most rewarding way of making photographs.

In 2009, on the Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day, he attended to a workshop, in which he discovered a different way of doing pinhole long exposure shots. Everything since then has changed his way of looking at photography.

His main body of work lies in the field of film photography (lens and pinhole) and a sizable portion of Jesús Joglar's photographic practice is devoted to solargraphy, a specialized form of lensless photography that records the sun as it moves in continually shifting arches across the sky, resulting in thrilling images and new insights about the world around us.

See more of his photographs on Flickr and his pinhole devoted blog.

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