Adam White

Born in Atlanta, Grew up In Texas now living in Carlsbad, NM. Navy veteran. I am a hybrid shooter, but lean more towards film with every passing day. I try and find solace, beauty and peace in what I shoot. But mainly I just like the slower pace and interaction with the client or nature.

I mainly work in the areas of Portraits, Weddings and Boudoir (weddings are getting less each year). But for personal work I photograph nature and buildings.

I recently started shooting film on a serious level in the end of 2015 after the purchase of my RZ67. Prior to that I had dabbled with it and of course shot it growing up in the 70’s thru the early 2000’s of course on a P&S cameras and ESO630. Nothing serious.

I have a tendency to collect old cameras, photo books and coffee mugs! I am however huge fan of Medium format cameras. Just something about a good sized negative to scan.

I have recently started developing my own film at home for Color and B&W. This is a learning process for me and I look forward to the journey along this road.

Interests outside of photography:
Committed Shiner Bock beer drinker.

Instagram: Burlap and Light
FB: Adam J WhiteBurlap and Light
Twitter: Burlap and Light
Google Plus: AJ White / Burlap and Light