Chris Sartain aka ShutterTwinz

Hello FSC. I am a photographer based out of Clarksburg, MD. A small town just north of Washington, DC. I’m a family man, a film lover, and an identical twin (hence the name ShutterTwinz).

Me and my twin brother have the same passion for photography and find it’s a wonderful way to express our differences. We've been shooting for several years now and over that time we've learned many things, made plenty of mistakes, and met great people along the
way. My hope, is that being part of this community will motivate us to move in different directions, try new things, and take risks.

 Part of the appeal of film photography, to me, is trying new cameras, techniques, films, etc. Currently, my go to setup is my Hasselblad Xpan / 45mmf4.  Although, my Pentax 67 is never far behind. 

I am just as comfortable shooting the streets of DC, as I am taking long walks in the woods with nothing more than my thoughts and a couple rolls of B&W.  Photography gives me peace. It slows me down. Slows my life down. It is MY time.  My time to think, see, click, repeat.....