Ellen Goodman

Ellen Goodman is a photographer from St. Louis, Missouri who is passionate about film. She likes to ponder live chemical reactions, the energy of things and connections. Her photography typically reflects what she's most passionate about. Since the birth of her daughter, she has a developed a fondness for and has been focused on portrait and documentary style work.

All B&W shots are developed and by printed by hand in her darkroom. Her camera collection includes: Hasselblad 500 C/M, Pentax 67II, Mamiya C220, Polaroid SX-70, various 35mm cameras and her old Kodak Instamatic from childhood.

Ellen is active with the Film Shooters Collective and spearheaded the group's first exhibition that took place in August of 2016 at the Kranzberg Art Gallery in St. Louis, MO.

Connect with Ellen on her website: www.thefeeloffilm.com Twitter: @thefeeloffilm Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ellengoodman/